Aerosmith’s New Onstage VIP Experience with 1MORE Triple Driver THX Certified Headphones for the DEUCES ARE WILD Residency

Aerosmith Dueces are Wild 1More/ THX Experience
The Aerosmith Dueces are Wild 1More/ THX Experience in Las Vegas

In partnership with 1MORE, Aerosmith will be delivering a THX certified sound experience for VIP fans during the DEUCES ARE WILD Residency in Las Vegas, Nevada at Park MGM. Fans who purchase the onstage VIP section this summer and fall, get an unique audio experience featuring Aerosmith.

VIP fans will receive a pair of THX Certified 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones to use during the show and to take home. While at the show, guest will also experience MIXhalo, a brand-new audio technology that will connect them directly to the Aerosmith soundboard. This enables VIP fan to access high-fidelity audio in real time and just the way Aerosmith hears onstage using the MIXhalo app.

The DEUCES ARE WILD Residency is at the Park Theatre at Park MGM that was specifically designed for Aerosmith acoustically and aesthetically. It features 5,200 seats with the furthest seat only 145 feet away from the stage. The stage is one of the widest stages in the world at 140 feet wide. Furthermore, the stage has a 240 feet wide projection surface with projection mapping technology including nine HD and 4K projectors.

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Those that purchase the on stage THX VIP experience will have access to the onstage bar, bleacher seating and designated dancing space.  

All 1More headphones for the Aerosmith show are tuned by Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer, Luca Bignardi. Bignardi’s dedication is to deliver sound the way artists intended for each show. Bignardi enables the onstage VIP attendees to hear a precise representation of the Aerosmith concert direct through their own pair of 1MORE Triple Driver headphones.

“Larry Rudolph (Aerosmith’s manager) and I wanted nothing less than a slew of fan-firsts as we launched this Aerosmith Residency, and one of our key missions was allowing fans to hear Aerosmith like never before,” said Steve Dixon, Producer, Aerosmith DEUCES ARE WILD Residency.

Dixon further states, “The World’s First THX Certified On Stage In-Ear Experience certainly ticks that box and the World’s first THX Certified headphones certainly fit the bill. The 1MORE Triple Driver Headphones deliver unparalleled sound quality. I spent a month with them in the studio and all of April testing them onsite and they were nothing short of perfection. I am so proud to call 1MORE and THX our partners in delivering this first of its kind experience to Aerosmith’s fans, old and new!”

The Aerosmith THX Experience VIP Pass includes:

  • One On-Stage ticket
  • One pair of THX Certified 1More Triple Driver in-ear headphones with audio mix coming direct from Aerosmith’s MIXhalo sound board
  • Access to exclusive On-Stage VIP Bar
  • Exclusive Backstage tour
  • Tour of the Aerosmith exhibit and view memorabilia from the band’s historical 50-year career

Please note when you arrive to visit the onstage VIP host to collect your MIXhalo listening device and THX Certified 1More Triple Driver in-ear headphones. After, The 1MORE or MIXHalo staff will help set you up before the show. When the show begins, insert your earbuds and hit “play” on the MIXhalo app. Lastly, adjust the volume to suit your comfort and enjoy the concert.

The DUECES ARE WILD set list for the July 7th show consisted of:

  • Train Kept a Rollin’
  • Dude
  • The Other Side
  • Rag Doll
  • Last Child
  • Sweet Emotion
  • Hangman Jury
  • Seasons of Wither
  • Stop Messin’ Around
  • Cryin’
  • Livin’ on the Edge
  • Lord of Thighs
  • What it Takes
  • Love in an Elevator
  • Toys in the Attic
  • Dream On
  • Chip Away the Stone
  • Walk this Way

Please note set list may change for each leg of the shows.

In conclusion, for an immersive and unique THX audio experience the Aerosmith “DEUCES ARE WILD” show is worth the cost. Aerosmith fans and audio fans will not be disappointed by the entire concert. For show dates and to purchase tickets for the Aerosmith DEUCES ARE WILD onstage VIP experience in Las Vegas, visit

If you would like to shop the 1More Triple Driver please visit: Also, learn more about 1MORE’s line up of headphones and the 1MORE Triple Driver by visiting Furthermore, for more information on THX please visit:

Lastly, more information about the MIXhalo app please visit:

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