AG Bob Ferguson Chooses Headlines over Washington Jobs


Business owners.  Think carefully about locating your business in Washington State.  Would you like your state government reading your personal e-mail and searching high and low, even across the oceans, for an employee to sue you?  Even moving your manufacturing overseas will not protect you. In order to be safe you need to leave Washington State completely.

Do you suspect I wasn’t properly represented?  I hired Rob McKenna the former Attorney General.  All he did for me was to encourage me to settle the matter as quickly as possible under whatever terms we could negotiate with the AG office.  That is the face of justice in Washington State.

The main goal of Ferguson in this job killing effort is to get an article in the newspaper.  We repeatedly asked through our attorney, “What steps can we take or fines can we pay to prevent an article in the newspaper”.  We were told there would be an article in the newspaper no matter what.  We were afraid that the article in the newspaper might hurt families.  Our worst fears have been realized.  We received a letter from a Fortune 500 Company that due to the article which was in the newspaper about the Ferguson’s investigation on March 24, 2017 that they would suspend doing business with Electroimpact.

How many jobs are lost to Electroimpact?  I’m not sure.  Maybe 30.  But since we have no competitors in the USA these jobs now shift to overseas competitors.  The effect on jobs overall is ten to one.  Overall three hundred USA families are now without jobs.  Who is hurt?  Three hundred families now don’t have jobs.  Who is helped?  Nobody.  The person discriminated against has not been found.  How about the employees getting married?  They are not affected.  I now go to the wedding carrying a personal check for one thousand dollars.  Ferguson has not found a way to stop that although I expect he is working on it.

In the city which we are located we have an annual parade.  The entire Muslim population of the city marched with me in the local parade carrying sign “Mukilteo Muslims for Zieve”.  This brings into question the argument made by Ferguson that I was a pariah to that population.  How would he know?  He doesn’t talk to anybody.  His preferred means of communication is headline articles in the newspaper demonizing our hard working tax paying citizens.

We read in the newspaper on July 7 that Inslee vetoed a reduction in the B&O tax that would have created 50,000 jobs.  My suspicion is that the poor treatment of our job creators plays a far bigger role in the number of jobs in our state than the B&O tax.  The real problem is that the voters in Washington State have voted themselves out of a job.