AG Bob Ferguson Chooses Headlines over Washington Jobs


All of this was published in the March 24 Seattle Times.  So it would be impossible for the Seattle Times to get the documents from the Snohomish County Clerk where they were received on March 23.  These had to be sent a priori direct from Ferguson to the Seattle Times.

As far as the contention that it is a hostile workplace.  Is Ferguson aware that my desk is in a room with 100 other engineers?  I can touch the desks of six engineers while sitting at my desk.  We frequently need to wait for another engineer to finish a phone conversation before we dial the telephone.  If my neighboring engineers do not want to listen in on my conversations they are perfectly free to move their desk to the other end of the room which is two hundred and fifty feet long.  There is no control on where an engineer sits.  And an employee is perfectly free to quit the company and gain employment with another company.  There is no penalty or work restriction agreements.

Attention business owners.  Mr. Robert Ferguson, an elected official, will go through 13.8GBytes of your e-mail and if he finds anything that he thinks will embarrass you he will turn it over to the newspaper to be published on the front page.

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Peter Zieve
Peter Zieve is the founder and CEO of Electroimpact which produces factory automation and tooling solutions. Peter’s firm is the largest integrator of aircraft assembly lines in the world. Zieve has BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. Zieve is also a candidate for Mukilteo, Washington city council.