Alison Altenberg files restraining order against husband Joaquin Altenberg


Alison Altenberg has filed for a restraining order against her husband, Joaquin Elias Altenberg. USA Herald has been closely following the case in which the couple and Mrs. Altenberg’s father, Leonard Weisman, were accused of fraud and sued in court. 

Alison filed for divorce on June 3rd, 2022, and Joaquin was served with the original petition for divorce not long afterward. Joaquin lives in Puerto Rico but is in Houston sporadically, where Alison and their children, who are the subject of this suit, live. According to Mrs. Altenberg, her request to the court was made “in the best interest of the children to protect them from actual and threatened mistreatment and/or abuse to protect their physical health and/or emotional development.” 

On June 19th, Mr. Altenberg requested to pick up their children for a visit for Father’s Day. He then allegedly refused to return the children to their mother. Mrs. Joaquin, in turn, believed that Mr. Joaquin might try to leave with the children to Puerto Rico, as that is where he resides.