Skywatchers: Hello Harvest Moon


Welcome to September. And hello, Harvest Moon. As the summer of 2022 fades, the nights become longer in the Northern hemisphere. And you should have some clear views of Draco the Dragon constellation.

The best views of the night sky always depend on the weather. Clouds can always block the spectacle. Lights will fade the sights. And starwatchers get the best results using binoculars or a telescope on a dark night.  

Draco the Dragon 

Canadian researchers just discovered a new planet that appears to be a water world. It is known as “TOI-1452” and orbits one of two small stars in a binary system within Draco close to the Big Dipper.

The ancient constellation of Draco the Dragon is what’s known as a constant. You can see it from the Earth every night all night long. This phenomenon only takes place with a “circumpolar constellation.” And Draco is clearer in the late summer than any other time of the year in the Northern sky.

Draco has always been known as the most “dragon-like or reptilian constellation. The long constellation spoons the Little Dipper below it. And runs parallel to the Big Dipper above it.