Allegations of Fraud and Cartel Connections Surrounding Company National Display de Mexico


A recent string of customer reviews has prompted an investigation into the alleged fraudulent activities of Mexican company National Display de Mexico. Customers have reported being scammed out of large amounts of money, with the company failing to deliver products or respond to communication.

The complaints allude to a possible cartel connection to the company’s fraudulent practices, as customers have reported being met with silence, lies, and blocked communication after paying large deposits.

One customer wrote that after giving a large deposit, one Mario Álvarez and his company failed to deliver the merchandise after three months of waiting.  Furthermore, when the customer attempted to reach out for answers or a refund, Mr. Álvarez stopped responding altogether and eventually blocked them from contacting him further.

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Another customer reported similar issues after doing business with the allegedly fraudulent company. After making an advance payment, the customer claims that Mr. Álvarez and his employee Hugo Cardenas failed to deliver the product or give them their money back. The customer noted that they stopped responding to calls and messages altogether.