Amazon is considering expanding its telemedicine service, Amazon Care

Amazon Care
Screenshot from Amazon Care video, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is reportedly considering expanding its telemedicine service called Amazon Care, which is currently available only for its employees.

Amazon Care is currently looking for qualified workers to fill positions in business development. In its job listing for a Business Development Manager (BDM), the virtual medical clinic states that the person who will be hired will “join an exciting new project team working to build a completely new best-in-class service offering.” The BDM will be “responsible to build and grow relationships with commercial and public sector enterprises.

According to CNBC, the e-commerce giant’s decision to build a business development team for Amazon Cares is a sign that it is planning to offer its telemedicine service beyond its employees.

The media outlet noted that Amazon has a history of testing its newly developed products and services on its workforce before offering it outside the company to a larger population.

Amazon Care already started contacting employers and health plans in Washington State regarding its intention to discuss opportunities for expansion, according to the media outlet based on information from a person familiar with the matter.

The e-commerce giant launched Amazon Care as a pilot telemedicine service for its employees and their dependents in Washington State in the fall of 2019. Its goal is to provide employees an easy way to access high-quality primary health care online. Amazon Care also provides at-home visits in certain areas.

In September this year, Amazon Care expanded from the e-commerce giant’s headquarters in Seattle to all of its offices across the state.

Telemedicine is a significant growth opportunity for Amazon

The telemedicine market is expected to be worth more than $17 billion by 2026, thus it represents a significant growth opportunity for Amazon. The COVID-19 pandemic help accelerate the shift to telemedicine as more people decided to consult with their doctors online. The federal government relaxed requirements for telemedicine, allowing more health care providers to accept Medicare payments for online consultations with their patients.

Over the past few years, Amazon is increasingly expanding into the health care industry. In 2018, the e-commerce giant acquired PillPack, a full-service online pharmacy that packages and delivers medications to patients. In August, it launched Halo, a wristband equipped with health and fitness tracking technology.


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