Amazon HQ2: current trends give hints of what it may look like


What will it look like?

Speculation is growing as to what these new headquarters will look like, especially with the construction of Apple’s new Apple Park, and Microsoft’s expansion plans.

Apple’s flying saucer-like building is over a mile around and surrounds an outdoor park. It features open-plan workspaces where employees will sit around large tables to encourage collaboration. It also has an indoor wellness center and outdoor walking and jogging trails. Steve Jobs received many of his ideas while walking in nature and he wanted his employees to experience the same. With this in mind, the outdoor areas include plenty of trees, a pond, and a meadow.

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Microsoft’s new plans include creating new buildings with bigger, ecologically friendly replacements. The campus will feature public spaces such as retail spaces, outdoor dog parks, and playing fields. An open plaza that fits in 2,000 people will offer an area to play and learn. There will also be a two-way track separating cyclist from traffic and covered public walkways.