The American Plight of Childhood Obesity


Over the past few months, some of the most widespread conversations in America have revolved around President Trump, immigration, foreign policy, and other political matters.

However, recent reports from The Hill affirm that America may, indeed, have bigger fish to fry.

An Overview of the Current State of Childhood Obesity

Virtually everyone has heard the phrase (or a paraphrase) which states: the children are our future. However, the health of America’s children plays a significant role in the quality of the previously mentioned future. Unfortunately, far too many children of today experience obesity and its subsequent consequences.

WebMD data moreover affirms the series of health complications which become likelier for obese individuals. Some of the aforementioned complications include, but are not limited to, strokes, diabetes, heart diseases, sleep apnea, and even breathing problems. Suffice it to say, something must change. The current trend of obesity amongst children cannot continue on its current path.

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However, the pitfalls of childhood obesity are not merely limited to the increased likelihood of the foregoing health problems. Obese and overweight children may become the targets of bullying, struggle with partaking in certain physical activities, and suffer from low self esteem.

Finally, comes the economic impacts of childhood obesity. Many Americans believe that obesity merely comes with associated health risks; however, this belief is incorrect. The Hill affirms that people who suffer from obesity incur higher medical causes, are absent from work more frequently, and experience lower levels of workplace productivity. Moreover, the annual, national fee of dealing with merely diabetes has now reached $245 billion dollars.

How Can Americans Combat Childhood Obesity?

Despite the significance of the plight that is childhood obesity, there are many solutions. Of course, most of these solutions begin with parents and the manner in which they choose to raise their children.

Reducing the intake of fast food, cooking healthy meals at home, and ensuring that children experience regular exercise and physical activities are great starts. In regards to more relaxed activities (such as playing video games and watching television) or less healthy foods, moderation is paramount.

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For better or for worse, the children of today will eventually become the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, parents and caregivers have the responsibility to ensure that they are setting young people up for success.

A significant factor of success depends upon the quality of one’s lifestyle and personal health.