Get Rich With Amazon Scheme Squashed by FTC


Get Rich With Amazon Scheme

As the old adage states, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Such is the case with the operators of a scheme that purports to provide secrets for making money on Amazon. The perpetrators of the Amazon scheme are Adam Bowser, Christopher Bowser, Jody Marshall, AWS LLC, FBA Distributors LLC, FBA Stores LLC, Info Pros LLC, Info Solutions LLC, Online Auction Learning Center Inc. (Massachusetts), and Online Auction Learning Center Inc. Going forward, the defendants and corporate entities receive a ban from marketing and selling business opportunities and business coaching services. The ban is concurrent under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. Furthermore, the defendants shall surrender millions of dollars for return to victim consumers.

Per the FTC complaint, the defendants have no affiliation with Moreover, they falsely claim their “Amazing Wealth System” enables consumers to create a profitable online business selling products on Amazon. The victim buyers, however, do not earn the advertised income. Instead, most of them lose significant amounts of money. And meanwhile, others experience problems with their Amazon stores, including the loss of the ability to sell on

Stiff and Justifiable FTC Penalties

Equally important in the FTC settlement, the defendants receive a ban from making false earnings claims. In other words, they may not infer or lead consumers to believe specific earning potential is possible. Further, the settlement order imposes a judgment of more than $102 million. There is a possibility the judgement may be suspended when the defendants surrender approximately $10.8 million to the FTC. Finally, the order also prohibits the defendants from profiting from consumers’ personal information obtained as part of the scheme.