U.S. and Canadian Relations at All-Time Low


For the first time in a very long time, one of the world’s most amicable and durable alliances are facing some serious conflict. Canadians are usually seen as some of the politest, nicest people in the whole world. Now, Canadians are absorbing insults that President Trump made against their Prime Minister and his attacks on Canada’s trade policies.

Some of Canada’s citizens are urging Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, to seek peace with the U.S. President. But others want Trudeau to be tough in the face of Trump’s anti-Canada rhetoric. They say he’s only trying to get better trade deals, and that the Prime Minister shouldn’t give in.

Where Do Relations Stand?

A leading Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail says that the relations of the closest allies on the earth are now very low, like never before.

There are a few reasons why this confrontation started. Before everything, Trump wants to enact new taxes against Canada on imports. He says the taxes are justified on national security grounds. Trump and his allies also attacked Trudeau saying that he is dishonest, week, and a back-stabber who deserves to go to hell.

Canadians aren’t totally rejecting the stereotypical image of themselves being nice and self-effacing. However, they reacted to this situation unfamiliarly, and in a way the world doesn’t expect from Canadians.

Worse Relationship Possible?

Anne Marie Goetz is a Canadian who teaches global affairs at New York University. She stated that she is hoping that her fellow countrymen will act mature during these tensions. However, she added that these rude and absurd statements are piling up and that resentment and antagonism could too. She said that it would be very unfortunate and surreal if the best neighbors in the whole world couldn’t get along.

Mike Morrison is a popular culture blogger and traveler from Alberta. He said that he and his wife canceled their planned trip to the United States next month.

Questions from the American People:

  • The economy is doing well. American businesses are doing well. Does Trump know something that we don’t? Why is he pushing for better trade terms?
  • Is making the American economy a little better worth injuring our relations with other nations?
  • How do Trump’s accusations against Trudeau help the security or economy of the U.S.?