Americans show less Support for a Transgender Athlete Choosing Teams, Gallup Poll Reveals


In the latest national survey, Gallup has uncovered a significant shift in Americans’ attitudes toward transgender athlete participation in single-gender sports. 

The findings indicate a decrease in support for transgender athletes playing for teams aligned with their gender identity compared to two years ago. 

Despite a rise in people claiming to know someone transgender, the survey reveals that the issue is primarily seen as a matter of competitive fairness rather than transgender civil rights.

Views on the Transgender athlete polled 

The Gallup survey was conducted via telephone with 1,011 U.S. adults. It spotlights that 69% of Americans now believe that transgender athletes should be limited to sports teams that align with their birth gender. This is compared to 62% in 2021. 

Similarly, only 26% of Americans support transgender athletes playing for teams matching their gender identity, down from 34% two years ago.

The issue of transgender athlete participation is gaining momentum as a prominent battleground in the approaching 2024 elections. With over 1.6 million Americans identifying as transgender and a significant portion under the age of 18, the topic has become a focal point for Republicans.