Amgen, Astellas to pay almost $125M to settle alleged violations of False Claims Act


The foundation also operated a second fund that covered copays for drugs for multiple myeloma including Kyprolis. In 2013, this fund provided data to Onyx regarding is anticipated and actual expenses for coverage of Kyprolis copays. It used the data to adjust its donations the fund, an amount just enough to cover copays for Kyprolis patients.

Allegations against Astellas involving Xtandi

Astellas sells Xtandi, an androgen receptor inhibitor (ARI) for the treatment for prostate cancer.

In May 2013, the pharmaceutical company allegedly asked two foundations to create funds to cover the copays for Medicare patients taking ARIs. . In July 2013, both foundations opened ARI-only copay funds and Astellas was the only donor to both funds.

In addition, Astellas allegedly knew that Xtandi will likely account for most of each fund’s coverage. In fact, Medicare patients taking Xtandi received almost all of the copay assistance from both funds.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical company allegedly promoted the funds to gain advantage for Xtandi over competing ARI drugs.