Stress Eating Tied to Weight Gain, Says Researchers


Countless Americans face stress in their professional workplaces, marriages and other aspects of life. One of the most common methods of coping involves stress eating, or otherwise consuming notable amounts of junk food in various short time periods.

New studies have affirmed that stress eating directly correlates with weight gain in its participants.

The Connection Between Stress Eating and Weight Gain

In a nutshell, stressed individuals consume greater quantities of food which generally contains higher amounts of calories. Furthermore, those who eat while they are experiencing stress are also subjecting themselves to increased insulin levels in the body.

Although many people are unaware, the human body generates insulin to inform the brain that the body has had enough food. When someone eats while stressed, their insulin levels increase which explains the compulsion to keep eating. If this unhealthy manner of eating occurs regularly, as time passes, insulin levels will cease to impact the body’s nerve cells.