Stress Eating Tied to Weight Gain, Says Researchers


This is very bad news. Once nerve cells no longer experience impacts from insulin levels, the body struggles to burn energy via heat. Mind you, this occurs in addition to the consumption of more and more junk food.

A member of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research explained more about this vicious cycle:

“Our findings revealed a vicious cycle, where chronic, high insulin levels are driven by stress and a high-calorie diet promoted more and more eating. This really reinforced the idea that while it’s bad to eat junk food, eating high-calorie foods under stress is a double whammy that drives obesity.”

Healthy Ways of Coping with Stress

One of the best ways to kill the stress eating habit is to develop healthy ways of coping with stress. Thankfully, there are plenty of existing alternatives. Exercising, taking time for oneself, or even cutting off the source of stress are each viable options.

It’s important to note that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying junk food on occasion. However, moderation is paramount. The consumption of unhealthy food becomes problematic when it happens on a regular basis or for the purpose of escaping from an existing issue in one’s life.