Trump Confirms: Illegal Immigrants WILL go to Sanctuary Cities


On Saturday, President Trump traveled to Wisconsin and held a rally with his supporters. During his time at the rally, the commander-in-chief discussed a critical matter which pertains to illegal immigration.

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During his time with Wisconsin supporters, Trump confirmed that illegal immigrants will be transported to sanctuary cities. This is something which the president has previously discussed amidst reports of trouble at the Southern border; the issues which Trump has experienced with Democrats who tried to fight him on building his promised border wall also plays a role.

The president reminded supporters of his decree with the following statements:

“Last month alone, 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived at our borders, placing a massive strain on communities and schools and hospitals and public resources like nobody’s ever seen before. Now we’re sending many of them to sanctuary cities. Thank you very much. They’re not too happy about it. I’m proud to tell you that was actually my sick idea.”