Andrew Tate Facing Lawsuit For Alleged Rape, Violence Against Women


From December 29, 2022 to March 29, Andrew Tate spent time in Romanian lockup due to allegations of rape and human trafficking, in addition to organized crime.

Late last month, Romania agreed to grant Tate and others arrested alongside him house arrest. However, he and others still very much remain under investigation for the aforementioned crimes in Romania.

For years, Tate’s spent time putting out content that dehumanizes and degrades women. On top of facing prior arrests for and accusations of rape, Tate has bragged about “force pimping” women.

He’s also claimed in videos that women aren’t permitted to leave his home. He even declared that he moved to Romania because of the country’s allegedly softer rape laws.

Now, three women are preparing to sue Andrew Tate. They claim that Tate not only raped them, but was also violent towards them on numerous other occasions.

What to know about the latest legal action facing Tate

The three women bringing legal action against the accused human trafficker live in the United Kingdom. It is their contention that Tate inflicted physical injuries and psychological damage upon them.