Andrew Tate Forced to Remain in Prison, Detention Extended For Fourth Time


It appears as though Romania is taking seriously the case it’s building against Andrew Tate. Tate remains in Romanian lockup, owing to accusations that he engaged in human trafficking, along with rape and organized crime.

Tate’s time behind bars dates back to late December of last year. Also in Romanian lockup on the same charges are Tristan Tate, Andrew’s little brother, and two female friends of the Tates: Luana Radu and Georgiana Nagel.

So far, Andrew Tate’s made multiple appeals to get out of prison. His attorneys have pushed for house arrest. However, each time, judges in Bucharest ruled against their asks.

Romanian judges also warn that the Tates pose a flight risk. Allegedly, Tate was overheard on a prison phone call discussing plans to run off to Dubai, if granted release from prison.

Today, the world learned that Tate and the three others arrested alongside him will stay behind bars until at least Friday, April 21.

What to know about the latest extension of Tate’s detainment

Romanian prosecutors secured another victory in court, upon asking for the extended incarceration of Andrew Tate and the other aforementioned prisoners.