Andrew Tate Now Denies Reports That He Has Lung Cancer


Likewise, various leaked medical records assert the “scar” the accused human trafficker claims came from “an old battle” could very well be a tumor. Physicians for Tate have similarly stated the “scar” on his lung appears to be a carcinoid tumor.

Finally, the accused human trafficker’s plans to travel to Dubai for a medical appointment in January have also come out. Of course, Tate arranged these plans before Romanian authorities detained him, two female associates of his, and his younger brother.

Who’s telling the truth?

Right now, Tate’s insistence that he has “zero smoking damage” on his lungs looks dubious, at best. Medical officials have not confirmed that the suspected carcinoid tumor on his lung came from smoking. However, Tate did regularly smoke cigars in various content he shared on social media.

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Likewise, as stated, physicians and representatives of Tate have corroborated the aforementioned reports of suspected lung cancer.

Eventually, time will tell which parties are right and which are not. Nevertheless, Tate will remain in prison until at least March 29 as Romania continues investigating him for organized crime, rape, and human trafficking.