Andrew Tate’s Car Collection Seized Amid Human Trafficking Arrest


As 2022 came to a close, the world learned about the arrest of misogynistic online influencer Andrew Tate.

Tate’s arrest occurred on charges of human trafficking, rape, and involvement in organized crime. This comes on the heels of Tate’s record of referring to women as property and gloating about “force pimping” women.

Anti-human trafficking organizations, such as Exodus Cry, have long warned about the danger Tate and his beliefs pose to society, girls and women, and even the boys and young men who reportedly look up to Tate.

Now, days after Tate’s arrest on human trafficking and other charges, Romanian authorities have taken his massive car collection from his possession. This also comes as Tate spends 30 days behind bars while police in Romania further investigate him.

What to know about the seizure of Tate’s car collection

So far, authorities have removed 11 different cars from Tate’s possession.

These cars are worth millions of euros; furthermore, they could end up being used to pay damages to alleged victims of Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, if allegations against the pair are proven to be accurate.