Andrew Yang on Impeachment: “This is Going to be a Loser!”


The quest to impeach President Trump is a highly controversial matter which continues to dominate political news headlines. Democrats are overwhelmingly in favor of impeachment, whereas Republicans are overwhelmingly against it. To cite impeachment as a partisan-driven crusade would be a massive understatement at this point in the game.

As the impeachment proceedings play out, various 2020 Democrats are weighing in on the matter. Virtually all leftist candidates are supportive of impeachment; however, 2020 Democrat Andrew Yang has taken a stance which differs from his in-party rivals, despite supporting impeachment.

Analyzing Yang’s Take on the Impeachment of President Trump

During a Rolling Stone interview, Yang essentially stated that impeachment is a “loser” because Senate Republicans will never get on board with it. The 2020 Democrat called himself “pro-impeachment” then claimed that the GOP is in “defend-the-president mode” rather than “fact-finding mode.”