Anonymous White House Aide Speaks Out Against Biden Amid Afghanistan Crisis


Rather than categorizing this as a “success” like Biden did, the anonymous aide described the reality of Americans stranded in Kabul as “horrifying” and “appalling”; the official then declared that the Biden administration ultimately “failed” on a mission that is, by nature,

Another anonymous member of the White House also told the media that Afghanistan is not a done deal until all American citizens are out of Kabul. Thus far, this is a threshold that Biden has yet to meet. Yet, somehow in Biden’s mind, he knocked it out of the park!

Continued pushback against Biden

It truly speaks volumes when members of Biden’s own White House administration are blasting his incompetent decisions to the press. Earlier this week, the president gave a speech regarding the situation in Kabul and the final pullout of troops, despite Americans still stranded.

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Biden maintained that he did the right thing; however, his speech did not go over well with the public. Americans noted that Biden appeared angry and defensive. Others opined that the president missed the mark, furthermore failing to take responsibility for his botched decisions.