Is AntiFa Planning a Communist Uprising on November 4?


According to The New American, the left wing group known as AntiFa is planning a “communist revolution” on November 4, 2017.

AntiFa and Communism

AntiFa is a leftist American group which claims to oppose fascism. They also verbally present themselves as opponents against racism, sexism, and other unfair practices. However, the perception of AntiFa greatly varies depending on who one talks to. Progressives are more likely to view AntiFa favorably, as advocates for fairness and equality. Conversely, conservatives are more likely to perceive AntiFa as violent, thuggish anarchists who take to the streets committing violence.

Americans learned of the aforementioned communist revolution on the morning of September 26. On this day, AntiFa flooded the streets, delayed extremely busy traffic, and displayed signs reading “NOV 4 IT BEGINS.” Additionally, other AntiFa members chanted the following:

No Trump, no KKK, no fascist U.S.A.

Whose streets? Our streets!

An excerpt from a press release regarding the communist revolution reads as follows:

On November 4 – It Begins. Every faction within the established power structure must be forced to respond to what we do — creating a situation where the Trump/Pence regime is removed from power.

Reactions from the American People

Similarly to most occurrences in the political world, the views on AntiFa’s conduct were quite divided.

Left wing progressives were considerably less critical of AntiFa. Many of them alleged that AntiFa was merely protesting what they perceive as injustices. They also cited the First Amendment, stating that members of AntiFa are well within their rights to protest.

Conversely, right wing conservatives viewed the matter quite differently. They were especially critical of AntiFa blocking traffic while also claiming to advocate for freedom.

Comments From Facebook

Barbara McNeil: There are limits to speech in that you cannot scream fire in a crowded place such as a theater that can cause chaos and panic. The actions of antifa have fallen into that category. It is not speech, it is inciting and advocating riots and violence. The left has lost the meaning of free speech and as in many things try to redefine it to suit there small minds and anti freedom agendas
Posted ON : 10/17/2017
Chris Strickland:
Posted ON : 10/17/2017
Doug Guerin: It will be my pleasure to defend myself with my 2nd amendment rights if I find myself endangered by anyone of these black hooded terrorist clowns.
Posted ON : 10/18/2017
Paul Roy: The US is more of a free market capitalistic economy than ever. Fascism is a heavily regulated and managed economy. Except that to communists, everything else is fascism. Leaders of the Democrat party will stand by and say nothing, hoping the leftist revolution will win. When it fails, as it surely will, the Democrats will then come out and denounce Antifa.
Posted ON : 10/19/2017
Tim Dev: So this whole uprising was like a fart in a hurricane.
Posted ON : 11/05/2017