AntiFa Strikes In Portland, Oregon


On Sunday, AntiFa thugs took to the streets to ironically riot against what they call “white nationalism.”

AntiFa vs. White Nationalists?

Paradoxically, AntiFa is the mirror image of, if not worse than, the white nationalists they claim to abhor so much. For starters, both of these groups employ violence to promote their causes. As reported by Fox News, AntiFa hurled projectiles and smoke bombs at police officers. However AntiFa justifies their dishonorable conduct is meaningless. They are no better than the white nationalists they profess their aversion for.

‘Portland Stands United Against Hate’ constructed the aforementioned riot, referred to as ┬áThe Rally and March Against White Nationalism. What started as singing and praying rapidly descended into violence when the protestors were displeased by police involvement.

Arrests and Youth Involvement

Young, misguided people account for the vast majority of AntiFa members. Portland police officers arrested seven individuals who partook in yesterday’s riots. What is wrong with America’s youth? When will they wake up and realize that taking to the streets is counterproductive? These people are throwing their lives away and are either too unaware, naive, or careless to realize it.

Anarchy never ends well. AntiFa are the utter embodiment of anarchism. Rioting, fighting, and attacking people will never win them over. If AntiFa truly believes white nationalism is a rising, malevolent force in America, there are intelligent and meaningful ways to express that, ways that do not involve breaking the laws. As President Trump stated many times, law and order is paramount to the success and prosperity of America.

Hopefully, Americans will begin to get the message from the mounting arrests of AntiFa members. One way or another, people will learn that taking to the streets and assaulting Americans will not go left unchecked. If people can only learn from experience, so be it.

From Radicalism To Self Destruction

In the radical left’s attempt to harm conservatives or others they deem as extremists, they are really only hurting themselves. Conservatives, and even most white nationalists, are not the ones on record committing crimes and getting arrested. AntiFa isn’t making anyone, other than themselves, look bad. Their inability to realize this makes them all the more tragic.

Moreover, the violence from AntiFa is partially engendered by their dislike for President Trump. Members of AntiFa loathe him and his policies. However, they fail to realize that after all their destruction of property, assaults, and vandalism, Mr. Trump will still be the President and white nationalists will still hold their viewpoints.

AntiFa would do very well to look in the mirror and ask themselves if their conduct is really facilitating their desired outcomes.