AOC Endorses Bernie Sanders for President


Some of Ocasio-Cortez’s most glowing statements on Bernie Sanders read as follows:

“When I was a waitress, and when it was time for me to graduate college with student debt, Bernie Sanders was one of the only ones that said no person should be graduating with life-crushing debt! […] We right now have one of the best Democratic presidential primary fields in a generation; much of that is thanks to work that Bernie Sanders has done in his entire life!”

See the full endorsement for yourself:

Criticisms of AOC and Bernie Sanders

Both Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders self-identify as Democratic-socialists. Socialism has faced immense censure in America, particularly from conservatives and other members of the right-wing.

Those who take issue with Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders question their policies and the arguments behind them. For instance, many folks have noted that there are no free lunches in life; “free” healthcare, “free” college, and “free” housing would come at a cost. American taxpayers would face that cost and hence have less money in their pockets.