What the Apple Spaceship Headquarters tells us about the future of work


As Apple Park moves closer to completion, the voices of critics are growing louder. Some believe that the campus will be a “snobby, isolated preserve” They compare it to the large corporate headquarters of Amazon, Airbnb, and Twitter that have integrated into cities. Jeff Bezos of Amazon, for instance, believes in preserving an urban campus, no matter how large Amazon grows.

There is also a feeling that Apple Park is a model that is obsolete as it does little to address the working conditions of the future. Some critics believe it is too inflexible and has not taken into account potential changes in how, when and where people want to work

The vision

Apple executives are quick to defend what has been achieved at the new Apple headquarters.  They believe that the quality of every aspect of the building and thought given to the environment that surrounds them will inspire their workforce.

They believe it will motivate them to constantly aspire to more innovation and higher quality. The new headquarters is seen as a perfect reflection of what Apple stands for as a company.