Arizona Border Patrol Agents Seize over $500K of Illegal Drugs

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Credits: CBP Arizona

Border Patrol agents at the Nogales Station in Arizona seized illegal drugs worth more than $500,000 during separate smuggling incidents over the past few days.

On Friday afternoon, border patrol agents arrested a Cuban national for smuggling fentanyl and methamphetamine.

During an inspection at the Dennis DeConcini Crossing, a canine detected an odor from the suspect’s Chevrolet SUV, which prompted agents to conduct a secondary inspection. They found 61 pounds of methamphetamine and a package of fentanyl within the vehicle’s quarter panels and dash. The combined value of the illegal drugs is more than $185,000.

Border Patrol Agents Seize Illegal Drugs
Credits: Arizona CBP

On Saturday morning, border patrol agents at the Mariposa Crossing arrested a U.S. citizen woman for smuggling 40 pounds of heroin and methamphetamine. The total value of the illegal drugs is more than $172,000.

A Border Patrol canine also detected a smell from the suspect’s Chevrolet SUV. Agents inspected the vehicle and found the illegal drugs on its rear quarter panels.

On Monday night, Border Patrol agents arrested two U.S. citizen men for smuggling 47 pounds of methamphetamine worth more than $150,000.

A Border Patrol canine detected an odor from the suspects’ Nissan Titan, while going through the Interstate 19 immigration checkpoint. Border patrol agents performed an additional inspection. They found 40 packages of methamphetamine inside a rear passenger door and tailgate of the vehicle.

Arizona border patrol agents seize 47 lbs metamphetamine
Credits: Arizona CBP

The CBP did not provide the names of the alleged drug smugglers. The agency only referred to them as “27-year-old driver and 28-year-old passenger of a Nissan Titan.”

The agents charged the suspects with narcotics smuggling. They turned turned them over to the Drug Enforcement Administration, along with their vehicles and illegal drugs.