Arizona Gov. Ducey boosts protections for victims of child sexual abuse

Gov. Doug Ducey sign bill

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey increased protections for victims of child sexual abuse by establishing a task force dedicated to recommending further reforms to ensure they receive healing, safety, justice and restitution.

The Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Task Force will be responsible for reviewing Arizona’s laws and recommending legislative reforms to protect children from sexual abuse.

Gov. Ducey will appoint all the members and the chairman of the task force. Membership shall include one representative from Arizona’s legislature, law enforcement agencies, the governor’s office, and advocacy groups dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence.

The Governor also signed into law a bill extending the amount of time for sexual abuse victims to file civil lawsuit against their perpetrators.

Child sexual abuse victims need time to come forward and seek justice

In a statement, Gov. Ducey said, “We cannot overstate the pain and trauma suffered by victims of child sexual abuse. We know victims need time to process and understand what happened. They deserve the time to come forward.”