Arizona Governor Wants Aggressive Rules to Fight Opioid Epidemic


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said he wants aggressive rules to fight opioid epidemic, an ongoing problem in the state.

In his State of the State Address on Monday, Gov. Ducey noted that more than 800 Arizonans already died because of opioid overdoses. According to him,
“These are real lives and real people—gone. Families, marriages, and lives were torn apart tragically and unexpectedly because of mis-prescribed or over-prescribed potent drug. Before you know it, it’s too late. There’s no turning back. “

Gov. Doug Ducey emphasized that the opioid epidemic “requires a more aggressive approach.” He said something is “terribly wrong” when four doctors in a small, rural county of 200,000 people prescribed 6 million opioid pills in just one year.

Additionally, the governor said his administration implemented some important steps to address the epidemic including cracking down doc shopping. The state government also made Naloxone readily available to stop an overdose and put limits on first fills.

Arizona officials have serious policy proposals to combat opioid epidemic

In June, Gov. Ducey declared a public health emergency to create awareness and solutions to the problem. As a result, Arizona’s top medical and public safety officials submitted thoughtful and serious policy proposals.