Arizona House Majority Whip Will Not Partake in Probes of Sexual Harassment Claims

Rep. Kelly Townsend will not partake in sexual harassment probes

Arizona House Majority Whip Kelly Townsend decided not to participate in the investigations of sexual harassment at the Legislature.

Townsend is one of the Arizona lawmakers who came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviors at the State Capitol.

In a statement last week, Townsend said she personally witnessed “sexist comments and maltreatments” towards her colleague Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita. She added that she also experienced “unwanted sexual advances by more than one person.”

Additionally, Townsend claimed that another person in power displayed “intimidating behavior and retaliation” towards her over the past years.

Townsend does not want to revisit a painful issue

In a post on Facebook on Monday, Townsend wrote that she decided not to participate in the investigation regarding her experiences with sexual harassment at the Legislature.

According to her, she already delivered all the evidentiary information regarding the previous situations. She said, “There is no further need to revisit a painful issue. My concerns are not new, and have been fully investigated and resolved.”