Arizona National Guard Unit Deploying Overseas to Support U.S. Central Command

Arizona National Guard
Credits: Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs

A unit of the Arizona National Guard is deploying overseas to help the United States Central Command (CENTCOM). A farewell ceremony will be held at the Papago Park Military Reservation in Phoenix on Saturday.

According to Arizona National Guard officials, the 25-member Detachment One of the 158th Military Engagement team will support the CETCOM for nine months.

The CETCOM supervises U.S. military operations in various regions from Northeast Africa, the Middle East to Central and South Asia. Its primary mission is to increase regional security and stability to maintain U.S. interests.

The Command’s priorities include ensuring an effective posture, strengthening allies and partnerships, disrupting and countering violent extremist organizations (VEOs) and their networks; as well as countering and preventing state aggressors.

Sgt. Monette Wesolek, the spokesperson for the Arizona National Guard said she can’t provide specific details regarding the unit’s deployment due to operational security reasons.