Gov. Cuomo Urges House Democrats to Support Pelosi as Speaker


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is encouraging Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to support Rep. Nancy Pelosi in her bid to reclaim the Speaker’s gavel.

In a statement on Friday, Cuomo described Pelosi as a “battle tested leader.” He noted that the California Democrat has a “demonstrable record of governmental accomplishment during the most difficult times” and she once again proved her political leadership skills with victories during the midterm elections.

The “best choice” to serve as House Speaker

“Now more than ever Democrats need tested, proven leadership as the House will now serve a vital role in defending this nation against the radical right wing extremism and chaos threatening our nation. Nancy Pelosi’s political leadership combined with her governmental knowledge and experience makes her the best choice to serve as that leader,” he wrote.

In addition, Cuomo stressed that t no one is publicly announcing their intention to challenge Pelosi because “there is no tested comparable alternative.”  He believed that the California Democrat has the necessary skills and knowledge to win and election and to make government work. She led the House Democrats since 2003.