Atlanta Police Attack: 35 Detained After Violence at Police Training Facility

Atlanta Police Attack (picture by USA Today)
Atlanta Police Attack (picture by USA Today)

Atlanta Police Attack: According to Atlanta police, around thirty individuals have been apprehended for throwing flaming bottles and rocks at law enforcement officers during a demonstration at “Cop City,” a newly established police training facility in DeKalb County that was previously the site of protests and the death of a protester.

At a midnight press conference on Monday, Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum reported that several items of construction equipment had been set alight on Sunday in what he described as a “coordinated attack” on the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

This incident marks the latest outburst in a movement that has attracted both anti-police protestors and environmentalists who refer to themselves as “forest defenders” to Georgia.

Police have released surveillance footage showing a large piece of machinery engulfed in flames at the “Cop City” construction site, where several pieces of equipment were destroyed during the attack, according to law enforcement officials.