AT&T Outages Disrupt Nationwide Connectivity creating Chaos on Thursday


On Thursday, AT&T outages on its cellular network, left thousands of users stranded without service for several hours.

The systemwide disruptions began at around 4am ET. Users across the United States experienced connectivity issues until around 3pm ET when AT&T announced that service had been restored.

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AT&T Outages Under Review

In a statement released on Thursday evening, AT&T attributed the outage to a software glitch rather than a cyber-attack. The carrier clarified that process problems during network expansion led to the disruption.

The outage’s onset coincided with routine maintenance activities, typically conducted overnight, according to sources familiar with the matter.

 Reports flooding social media platforms corroborated the widespread nature of the issue, with Downdetector witnessing a surge in complaints from AT&T users nationwide, commencing around 4 AM ET.