Attorneys Timothy Ducar & Margie Hauf Accused of Naming “Fake” Defendants in Federal Court


USMC (retired) David Michael Ellis is back in court again. This time, the U.S. District Court of Nevada, with an alleged fraudulent filing submitted by his new attorneys Timothy D. Ducar of Arizona and Margie Hauf of Nevada.

Fake Defendants: A Deceptive Tactic Used to Obtain Judgments Against Very Real Defendants

Some attorneys rely on a legal “strategy” of submitting court documents on behalf of their clients to obtain judgments and/or other types of signed orders against “fake” defendants. By naming a “fake” defendant, the true defendant is not notified of the legal action. This “strategy” used by plaintiff attorneys means that the true defendant generally won’t file a defense or any sort of response. So, the plaintiff is free to move forward with obtaining a default judgment or other court order.

Brent Oesterblad: An Alleged Victim of the Fake Defendant Strategy

Brent Oesterblad, of Arizona, claims that he was victimized by being named as a fake defendant by Major David Micheal Ellis (USMC, retired) and his Nevada filing.