Barbershops, Hair Salons OKed for Reopening in California


States across America are gradually beginning to reopen and re-engage their economies. Some reopening plans are occurring at a slower rate than others; however, the United States is collectively starting to reopen for business.

The state of California was the first to issue a shelter-in-place order for residents. Over the past few months now, many Americans have observed reactions to the shutdown. Demonstrations against Governor Newsom’s orders have taken place, while Californians also sue the governor over his shelter-in-place directive.

Earlier this week, Newsom issued guidelines for places of worship in the state to reopen. This took place after the Justice Department wrote to the California governor, informing him that compulsorily keeping houses of worship closed breaches First Amendment rights.

Now, barbershops and hair salons in the state are joining the list of businesses with the OK to resume operations.

What to Know About Guidelines for Reopening Barbershops and Hair Salons

Under guidelines issued by the California governor, barbershops and hair salons in the Golden State can reopen with the caveat of mask-wearing; this rule applies to both employees and customers who choose to frequent these businesses.

During a press conference earlier today, Newsom spoke about the gradual reopening with caution and warning. The California governor explained that due to “progress,” the state is gradually venturing forward into “unknown” and “untested” territory. On a similar note, Newsom stressed the importance of adhering to scientific data that has led California to its present point.

At this time, the Golden State remains in phase two of its plan to re-engage the economy. This plan allows for not only churches, barbershops, and hair salons to reopen, but also manufacturing businesses, offices, and others. Of course, any and all enterprises with the current OK to resume operations are mandated to adhere to state-issued guidelines.

The decision to reopen the aforementioned businesses comes after multiple protests against the California governor. Likewise have come lawsuits from individuals who believe that Newsom’s shelter-in-place order breaches inherent, constitutional rights.

Like other governors in blue states, Newsom has chosen to defend his restrictions, claiming that they are backed by science. Furthermore, the California governor previously professed that the state will not fully reopen without a vaccine for coronavirus.