Giant Eagle Sued Over Face Mask Mandate for Customers


In the era of coronavirus, face masks have turned into a highly charged issue with deep political divides.

Many folks on the left believe that everyone should be forced by the government to wear masks, whether they like it or not. By contrast, folks on the right are likelier to support voluntary mask-wearing, rather than compulsory mask-wearing. Moreover, right-wingers are more vocal about the slippery slope of being forced to cover one’s face while in public.

Some businesses are choosing to mandate face masks for customers, while others are not. Unsurprisingly, the former enterprises are encountering lawsuits over compulsory mask orders for customers.

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Giant Eagle, a U.S. supermarket chain, is one of the first places of business to face legal action in response to its mandate for customers to cover their faces with masks.

What to Know About the Lawsuit Against Giant Eagle

At this time, Giant Eagle is facing a lawsuit from six of its customers. These individuals maintain that they are unable to wear masks over their faces due to medical reasons; furthermore, the plaintiffs state that Giant Eagle’s claim that customers must wear masks “regardless of any reason or medical condition” violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).