Barr chides American tech giants, Hollywood for pro-China policies


Barr rebuked Apple for its decision to transfer iCloud data to Chinese servers. He warned that it would make it easier for the Chinese government to access emails, texts, and user information stored in the cloud.

He also accused the company of removing the news app Quartz from the app store in China after the Chinese government complained about how the Hong Kong democracy protests were being covered in the app.

Barr further criticized Apple for being uncooperative with U.S. law enforcement investigating a deadly domestic terrorist case linked to al-Qaeda in May.

“For four and a half months we tried to get in without any help from Apple,” he said, adding that U.S. authorities were “ultimately able to get in through a fluke that we will not be able to reproduce in the future.”

Apple released a statement that emphasized its commitment to cybersecurity and arguing that it offers “strong encryption across our devices and servers.”

“Our products help our Chinese customers communicate, learn, express their creativity, and exercise their ingenuity. We believe in the critical importance of an open society in which information flows freely, and are convinced the best way we can continue to promote openness is to remain engaged even where we may disagree with a country’s laws,” the statement said.

Barr also targeted Hollywood in his comments

Barr also took aim at Hollywood companies, including Disney and Paramount. He gave specific examples where the companies have given in to Chinese censorship demands.