The Bernie and Bust Movement Grows


Passionate supporters of Bernie Sanders are proving that the Bernie and Bust movement is alive and well, even in the era of a Trump presidency. Donald Trump is ranked as the 3rdmost hated president, according to the Siena College Research Institute’s (SCRI) Survey of U.S. Presidents (2019 Siena survey), which was founded in 1982 and began reviewing all of the nation’s presidents in. Those who support Bernie Sanders claim to have valid reasons for their ongoing “Bernie or Bust” philosophy- citing everything from corporate corruption influencing the media, to the need for Medicare for All and a president who will truly address climate catastrophe. The surprising part, Sander’s supporters may be more passionate about the philosophy than Bernie himself!

How Bernie and Bust Started

After the Bernie or Bust concept was introduced in by Victor Tiffany, as a potentially viable political strategy, it gathered steam and followers during the 2016 primary election process. Primarily, the strategy rose to prominence amongst a select group of Sanders’ supporters, many were angry at the DNC’s (Democratic National Committee) preferential treatment toward Hillary Clinton. One source of contention was the DNC’s additional agreement with the Clinton campaignand the party’s superdelegate system. That system allowed superdelegates to be pledged to any candidate and announced in advance of primary election results, the Democratic National Convention,and not tied to state primary and caucus results.