Bernie Sanders’ Policies Will Cost Taxpayers $20,000 Each!!!


A new study from the nonpartisan, independent Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has determined that Bernie Sanders’ proposed policies will cost American taxpayers at least $20,000 each!

Everything You Need to Know about the Costs of Sanders’ Policies

The new, aforementioned developments came to light when Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, appeared on Fox & Friends for an interview this morning. Throughout her time on the air, MacGuineas issued a series of warnings about the “free” stuff which Sanders is promising to deliver to the American people.

An excerpt from her interview reads as follows:

“If you look at healthcare, free tuition, family leave, child care – those proposals will all have a price tag of over $20,000 per taxpayer. I don’t know whether they plan to finance all of that or add that to the very large national debt, but the costs are certainly high. I know trillion is kind of hard to get your arms around. But when you bring it down per taxpayer, we are talking more than $20,000 increase in taxes.”