Ex-Clinton Aide Denounces Bernie Sanders as a…”Capitalist”


On Monday, former Hillary Clinton aide, Jess McIntosh, made an almost unheard of comment.

During an appearance on CNN, McIntosh accused 2020 Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders of having a “capitalist” message during his town hall.

Why Does McIntosh Believe Sanders has a “Capitalist” Message?

Bernie Sanders is well-known as a self-professed Democratic-socialist. The policies which he champions and calls for also reflect this political stance. Nevertheless, everyone doesn’t view Sanders as having a socialist message. McIntosh explained to CNN the reasoning behind her assertion that Sanders’ message rings true of capitalism.

In McIntosh’s own words:

“He’s literally saying ‘I made a product the market wanted, and I got rich off of it, and you can do that too.'”

The Backstory and Additional Details

While Sanders has virtually never faced the accusation of having a “capitalist” message, he has faced criticism from Democrats in recent weeks. Members of Sanders’ party are apparently displeased with his millionaire status.