Bernie Sanders Threatens ‘Damn Right We Will’ Get What We Want

Sen. Bernie Sanders will preside over the March 17th income inequality hearing

Self-Proclaimed Democratic Socialist and Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders is the incoming chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. He emphasized that the current crises confronting the United State require Congress to take bold actions.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said, “The Senate filibuster won’t stop Democrats from pushing through ‘bold’ legislation with the new Biden Administration.”

Congressional sources stated that Democrats are already courting 10 Republicans to complete the needed votes to end the filibuster. This would speed up the process of pushing through bills which otherwise would be “talked to death”.

With a 50-50 divided US Senate, newly sworn-in Vice President Kamala Harris would cast the 51st tie-breaking vote to give Democrats a slim majority. Without removing the filibuster, most major legislation would require a 60-vote threshold to advance to a final vote.

“Damn right we will,” Sanders, I-Vt., told reporters at the Capitol Tuesday. “I mean there is a process called reconciliation.” Sanders referred to the special process known as budget reconciliation which moves legislation with a simple majority vote.