Bezos Received $218,000 of The $1.7 Million he Requested in Legal Fees against his Girlfriend’s Brother

Michael Sanchez vs Jeff Bezos
Michael Sanchez vs Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) received $218,000 plus an additional $36,000 to cover the legal fees against his girlfriend’s brother Michael Sanchez.

John Doyle, Judge of Los Angeles County Superior Court dismissed the defamation cases and refused Bezos’ 1.7 million request for his unsuccessful defamation case against Sanchez. Judge Doyle argued the CEO of Amazon had put too many lawyers on his case and the number was unreasonable.

He said: “This was not a matter which required seven partners and 11 associates.”

Tom Warren, an attorney for Sanchez, told Insider in a statement that the $1.7 million request was “grotesque.”

“When Mr. Bezos filed his motion for $1.7 million in attorney’s fees, we discussed how grotesque the request was” he said. “Last Friday, the court resoundingly rejected his request.”

Sanchez lawsuit against Bezos

In February 2020, Sanchez filed against Bezos and his personal security chief Gavin De Becker. He and De Becker requested from the Judge $1,676,919.50 in attorney fees and $36,019.26 in other costs from Sanchez’s defamation suit.