Experts Claim Elon Musk’s Plan for Mars Colony is Dangerous

New Real Estate on Mars

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk remains “highly confident” that he will land humans on Mars by 2026. Science journalist Shannon Stirone who wrote an Atlantic article titled “Mars is a Hellhole,” believes that Elon Musk “is absolutely out into space.” 

And that his “unrealistic” plans for a Mars colony are an exercise in futility. So she outlines all the roadblocks and describes all the ways the red planet can kill people. And many experts agree.

Launch Windows and Starship Explosions

In December 2020 Musk set a timeline in two-year milestones. The milestones have to be roughly every two years to coincide with the Red Planet’s orbit with the Earth. If astronauts travel to Mars, they’ll go much farther into space than any human has gone before.  Any Martian expeditions depend on that launch window.

Hitting the launch window just right makes all the difference. And if it’s missed it will be two more years till they can try again.

SpaceX’s Mars-colonizing spacecraft, Starship, recently launched its tenth prototype, SN10 for the 10th test flight. The Starship shot up 6 miles then returned to a smooth landing. A few minutes later it exploded.