Biden Administration Widely Viewed as Incompetent


Since getting into office, the Biden administration has made a series of moves that engendered controversy.

One of the latest moves entails the White House trying to make Americans believe the president’s $3.5 trillion spending package will cost the country $0.00. Such a flagrantly untrue assertion is facing a lot of pushback; however, the Biden administration is still deadset on trying to make Americans believe this lie.

The Biden administration’s furthermore taken flak for the messed up Afghanistan withdrawal, the southern border disaster, inflation, and a host of additional issues.

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Now, another poll shows that most people in the country believe the Biden administration is an administration of incompetence.

Quinnipiac University on how Americans view the Biden administration

The president believes and says he’s “building back better”; however, most people who actually have to live with the results of his policies have a very different perspective.

In this poll, 55% declared the Biden administration is not competent to successfully manage government; only 42% of Americans said the opposite.

As it turns out, Republican voters and Independent voters are largely unified in viewing the Biden administration as one of incompetence. More than six in ten Independents and over nine in ten Republicans said the Biden administration is incompetent. Just 13% of Democrats also share this outlook.

Polling analysts continue to affirm Biden’s ratings of approval are getting progressively lower. This is all the consequence of the failed leadership Biden’s chosen to bring to the White House and force on the country.

The danger of an incompetent White House

Having an incompetent president and administration in the White House is immensely dangerous. This danger is apparent by the reality of progressively worse events since Biden took office.

He didn’t “defeat” COVID like he said he would; what Biden has done, though, is announce a plan to have OSHA force businesses to mandate COVID vaccines for their workers. Republicans are vowing to sue the administration as soon as OSHA implements this regulation.

Biden opened up the southern border; he got servicemembers killed overseas and left valuable U.S. weapons in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the president’s fiscal policies are responsible for nationwide inflation. All of this comes as Biden is also working to let the IRS access the individual financial transactions of nearly every single American.