Biden, Bipartisan Lawmakers Pass Domestic Violence Bill


Bipartisanship in today’s Congress is very rare. There is so much that divides Republican and Democrat lawmakers these days; although, every now and then, lightning strikes twice.

All 100 senators, 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats managed to pass a bill granting more money to a fund for those harmed by sexual assault, domestic violence, and similarly related crimes.

Following the lawmakers’ unanimous support for the legislation, President Biden signed it into law yesterday.

Boosting capital for the Crime Victims Fund

The Crime Victims Fund actually dates back to the time in which Biden served as a senator in Congress. Since this period, however, the Crime Victims Fund has become short on cash; therefore, there are fewer resources to help individuals impacted by sexual assault, domestic violence, etc.

That changed on Thursday when President Biden signed into law legislation that will rebuild the Crime Victims Fund. In remarks, the 46th president announced that federal cases’ financial penalties and fines will get redirected into the Crime Victims Fund. Biden made this announcement during a White House signing ceremony with Republicans and Democrats alike in attendance.