Biden Campaign on TikTok Despite National Security Risks


The decision to embrace TikTok comes against a backdrop of heightened scrutiny of the platform. 

Both the FBI and the Federal Communications Commission have voiced concerns over TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, with claims it could be sharing user data with the Chinese government. 

Despite reassurances from the campaign team that it will implement tight security measures, questions linger about the potential vulnerabilities and safeguards concerning campaign data and voter privacy. 

The Chinese government’s sweeping data collection laws continue to fuel fears about TikTok’s handling of user information.

Social Media Campaign

Nevertheless, the Biden campaign is forging ahead with its TikTok strategy, aiming to engage with a younger demographic that tends to gravitate towards the platform. This move aligns with a broader social media strategy. The Biden campaign has a presence on platforms like Meta’s Threads, Instagram, Facebook, and Truth Social, in addition to TikTok.

The inaugural post on the Biden campaign’s TikTok account featured the president engaging with viewers on topics ranging from sports to pop culture. Biden is seen intertwining political narratives with mainstream trends, including the latest Taylor Swift conspiracy theory.