Biden Kicks off Police Week with Anti-Law Enforcement Statement


After mentioning a “breakdown” in confidence between law enforcement and brown/black communities, Biden professed that policing in the U.S. needs to be in keeping with community safety and values; this arrived before the 46th president cited the need for shielding constitutional rights and making sure that accountability follows misconduct.

Many Americans are comparing Biden’s statement over the weekend to rhetoric from the Obama administration on policing in America.

Strong backlash from conservatives and supporters of law enforcement

Many Americans who support and respect law enforcement did not take too kindly to the statement issued by President Biden over the weekend.

Conservatives and others perceived the aforementioned remarks as Biden finger-wagging and shaming law enforcement, rather than acknowledging the many sacrifices made by police and their families.

Biden’s accusatory and condemning statement towards the law enforcement community arrives as members of his party urge to dismantle U.S. policing. However, the White House came out earlier last month and stated that Biden does not support dismantling law enforcement.