Biden Kicks off Police Week with Anti-Law Enforcement Statement


Law enforcement officers make incredible, irreplaceable contributions to society. It is because of police that law and order stands; without the presence of law enforcement, good, decent people would find themselves at the mercy of criminals, psychopaths, and others intent on doing harm.

Over the past several years, the Democrat Party and leftists, in general, have taken up a vendetta against police. Leftists aim to defund law enforcement and some are even supportive of removing police altogether.

May 15 is Peace Officers Memorial Day and this week is National Police Week. Over the weekend, the Biden administration acknowledged this by issuing a blistering anti-law enforcement statement.

Biden’s statement on law enforcement officers in the United States

Over the weekend, the Democrat president put out a statement regarding law enforcement officers in the United States. After briefly mentioning the “public servants” who also “wear the badge,” Biden ripped into police officers.

The 46th president’s official statement cited brown and black communities as harboring “distrust” towards law enforcement. The statement then proceeded to assert that police “exacerbated” the aforementioned distrust, due to shootings involving people of color.