Stacey Abrams Announces Interest in Running for U.S. President


Many Americans know Stacey Abrams from the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election. Abrams, a Democrat, ran against — and ultimately lost to — current Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp.

Since Abrams’ loss, she’s taken an active role in leftist politics and going after the Republican Party. The unsuccessful Georgia gubernatorial candidate has also gone after conservative leaders who are passing election integrity bills; Abrams’ false claims that election security measures are tantamount to racism are a common talking point employed by the left.

On Sunday, Abrams sat down for an interview with CBS. Earlier today, the failed candidate for Georgia’s 2018 governor’s race confirmed her internet in running for president.

Stacey Abrams on running for president

During Abrams’ talk with CBS, she alleged that “poor black people” are forced to wait in hours-long lines to vote therefore placing their job security in peril. Abrams also further advanced the false narrative that Republicans are pushing through voter suppression legislation.